Teams Recreation

This is a mostly reactive recreation of teams in HTML and CSS.

Flex-Column Styled Layout of Vegetables and Fruits

A columned section of div blocks with round (radius-edited) image and text descriptions. Flex box, padding, borders, and object-fit is used in the CSS.

HTML Navbar

A navbar created using html and css. The display property in css is important for this to work.


A navbar has been modified to look like a navbar. Inline block properties, decorations, padding, and "id", and shadowing have been used.

Rock, Paper, Scissors layout

A display of Rock, Paper, and Scissors game with the use of table's, border's, font changing (basically, a bunch of CSS styling).

Survey Format

Last Exercise Set for the course section: A survey with titles, multiple-choice, form boxes, checkboxes, and borders.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Interface Using HTML and CSS

This is a simple interface for a rock, paper, scissors game using HTML tables, paragraphs, and buttons styled with CSS.

Country Div Blocks

Adjustment of Exercise Set 7. Following changes have been made: background color, title text color, text margins (removed completely), inline-block display for each box, boxes are centered and placed on a new line

Element Padding

3 Elements in div boxes with a green border, padding and margin between them (HTML, CSS)

Name and Email Form Blocks

A centered form (name, email) with a background image from the internet.

Exercise #9

Survey Form

State and Capital Cities Table

Table structure set up by HTML Table format by CSS Table of 8 states and their capitals Exercise Set 4 is having red color text, different from the default black color.

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