my take on AT-BASH CIPHER
#for the effects import time #asking the user to input the sentence print("") print("THIS IS THE AT-BASH CIPHER AND PRESS ENTER") time.sleep(1) print("") print("PLEASE TYPE IN LOWERCASE OR ELSE THE PROGRAM WON'T WORK") cipher = input("TYPE IN YOUR SENTENCE THAT YOU WANT TO SCRAMBLE: ") time.sleep(1) print("caculating.....") #replacing each letter cipher = cipher.replace("a", "Z") cipher = cipher.replace("b", "Y") cipher = cipher.replace("c", 'X') cipher = cipher.replace("d", 'W') cipher = cipher.replace("e", 'V') cipher = cipher.replace("f", 'U') cipher = cipher.replace("g", 'T') cipher = cipher.replace("h", 'S') cipher = cipher.replace("i", 'R') cipher = cipher.replace("j", 'Q') cipher = cipher.replace("k", 'P') cipher = cipher.replace("l", 'O') cipher = cipher.replace("m", 'N') cipher = cipher.replace("n", 'M') cipher = cipher.replace("o", 'L') cipher = cipher.replace("p", 'K') cipher = cipher.replace("q", 'J') cipher = cipher.replace("r", 'I') cipher = cipher.replace("s", 'H') cipher = cipher.replace("t", 'G') cipher = cipher.replace("u", 'F') cipher = cipher.replace("v", 'E') cipher = cipher.replace("w", 'D') cipher = cipher.replace("x", 'C') cipher = cipher.replace("y", 'B') cipher = cipher.replace("z", 'A') #displaying the ciphered text time.sleep(3) print("caculating.......") print("") time.sleep(3) print("") print("YOUR SENTENCE IS:") time.sleep(2) print("") print(cipher) print("")
A Nov 22