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Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes with googles various products, languages, and frameworks? Google is a huge advocate for open source projects, and along with GitHub, they have their own version management system. You can find their public repositories listed on their website linked below:
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Web Server written in GoLang

This is a basic web server made with the language Go. I added a basic mdbootstrap landing template as a placeholder for an index.html, though the main focus was the language itself. Go is a language that was developed by google employees in 2009 and has developed into a large open-source project. The reason Go is unique is because of its Async functionality, low level functionality, and simplicity. It is similar to scripting languages (such as python, javascript, etc.) because of its simplicity and learning curve, though has features such as pointers similar to lower level languages. Furthermore, since Go is a compiled language, it is fast as it compiles into machine code. Also, Go is a statically typed language similar to Java, C++, and C. Statically-typed languages require type definitions initialized before said variable is used, while dynamically-typed languages perform type checking at runtime; most programmers don't find this too limiting, though it is something to account for. I have been currently learning GoLang through the website linked below.
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Example of static typing: int num; num = 4 Example of dynamic typing: num = 4

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**Side note The official name of the language is "Go". Though some people refer to it by "GoLang" due to their website being named