KNN color sorting

This code used the K Nearest Neighbors to classify a given C point as red or blue.

from math import sqrt #defining varibles data=[(1,2,'red'),(2,3,'blue'),(3,4,'red'),(4,5,'blue'),(5,6,'red'),(6,7,'blue'),(7,8,'red'),(8,9,'blue'),(9,10,'red'),(10,11,'blue'),(11,12,'red'),(12,13,'blue'),(13,14,'red'),(14,15,'blue')] xx=int(input("x cordinate of c: ")) yy=int(input("y cordinate of c: ")) kkk=int(input("value of k: ")) kk=(input("What do you want k written as k=_: ")) def distance(x1,x2,y1,y2): return sqrt((x2-x1)**2+(y2-y1)**2) def Knn(x,y, k=0): return distance_two(x,y) def distance_two(x,y): a=[] d=data return(d_recur(x,y,a,d)) def d_recur(x,y,a,d): if len(d)==0: return a else: current = d[0] dist = distance(x,current[0],current[1],y) current=current+(dist,) a.append(current) d.pop(0) return(d_recur(x,y,a,d)) #calling the functions x=(Knn(xx,yy,kk)) #catogrizing by distance to c, and finding color listA=[] count_red=0 count_blue=0 for i in range(0,kkk): z=x[i] yy=z[2] if yy=='red': count_red+=1 if yy == 'blue': count_blue+=1 #Finding what color it is clasified with if count_red > count_blue: print('It is classified as red') if count_blue > count_red: print('It is classified as blue')


//sum digits of int def sumDigit(num): l=len(list(str(num))) if l == 1: return(num) else: return (num % 10 + sumDigit(int(num / 10))) z=sumDigit(678910) //Find gcd of 2 numbers def gcd(a,b): if(b==0): return a else: return gcd(b,a%b) a=int(input("Enter first number:")) b=int(input("Enter second number:")) GCD=gcd(a,b) print("GCD is: "+ GCD) print(GCD)