This is my hangman game without a GUI

#importing random because you need it import random print("this is hangman") #making an insanely long list of words WORDBANK = ["airplane",'hawkeye', 'robin', 'Galactus', 'thor', 'mystique', 'superman', 'deadpool', 'vision', 'sandman', "aquaman", 'pear', 'mango', 'apple', 'banana', 'apricot', 'pineapple','cantaloupe', 'grapefruit','jackfruit','papaya'] UnchosenWordBank = [] guesses = [] attempts = 15 #greet your user name = input("Enter your name ") print("Hello", name.capitalize(), "let's start playing Hangman!") print("The objective of the game is to guess the secret word chosen by the computer.") print("You can guess only one letter at a time. Don't forget to press 'enter key' after each guess.") print("Let the fun begin!") #pick out your secret word secretWord = random.choice(WORDBANK) print(secretWord) print("The number of allowed guesses for this word is:", attempts) g=0 guesses="" #loop da loop your question for g in range(attempts): Word = input("input a letter in lower case ") # just a benchmark # print(Word) # print(guesses) # the meat of it inside of the loop to find the letter if Word in guesses: print("You already guessed this letter, try something else.") continue else: if Word in secretWord: print("Nice guess!") else: print ("missed, try again") continue guesses+=Word