#Monte Vista High School


Here's a website I developed on-and-off starting in middle school, and continuing to the present day. The website is for a Team Fortress 2 fan community that I was an admin for on the somewhat obscure, now-defunct social network Google+ (the group has since moved to a different social network). It uses PHP on the backend, so that most of the pages on the site use the same template. Although most of the pages aren't interactive, some parts of the site were automated, too, such as the member counter. If you click on the "30,630 members" label it takes you to a graph of how the community grew and shrunk over the course of 4 years, data collected on a daily basis by a script I wrote (pic #2). (The site was planned to have a publicly viewable archive of all the old posts in the community following Google+'s shutdown. While all the data is still there, and it was viewable at one point, this feature doesn't seem to be working at the moment)

/* The website uses many different source files because it runs on the CodeIgniter framework for PHP. Because of this, its code can't be posted in this space. I don't plan on releasing the source on GitHub but you can explore the live site at https://gplustf2.com. All the code was written by me except for the page under /artfortress18, which was done by another community admin. */


A lightweight minesweeper clone that I wrote in plain C (not C++) a few summers ago for fun. It has no timer, but other than that, it has all the other standard features of the game. The program runs in the terminal and requires the Ncurses library to be compiled (thus, it only supports macOS/Linux). There are three modes: easy, medium, and hard, where harder modes have a bigger board and more mines to be found. Your cursor (the tile highlighted yellow) is controlled by the arrow keys. "#" symbols represent unknown tiles, and "*"s are mines. Spacebar "clicks" on a tile, F marks the tile with a flag, and G marks it with a question mark. Q quits the game.

/* Source code can be found at: https://github.com/scoliono/CLIsweeper.git */