Super Program(Python)

This Project is a Combination of some of the Projects I have done:) It took some time adjusting the programs to fit this one:)

def MthNYr(): import calendar def CalMth(): yy = int(input("Enter year: ")) mm = int(input("Enter month: ")) print(calendar.month(yy, mm)) def CalYr(): #while(cont): yy = int(input("Enter year: ")) for i in range(1, 13): print(calendar.month(yy, i)) while True: ask = input("Would you like for I to print month or year? M or Y ") if ask == "Y": CalYr() if ask == "M": CalMth() if ask == "X": break def MtplyX(): def Multiply2Numbers(): Number1 = int(input("Enter the first number? ")) Number2 = int(input("Enter the second number? ")) Solution = Number1 * Number2 print(str(Number1) + " + " + str(Number2) + "=" + str(Solution)) def MultTable(): for x in range(1, 11): for y in range(1, 11): Answer = x * y print(x, "*", y, "=", Answer) opar = input( "Would you like to Multiply 2 numbers or print tables? Table or Multiply? " ) if opar == "T": MultTable() elif opar == "M": Multiply2Numbers() else: print("Please try again") def PNC(): def PrimeNumbers(): Type = int(input("Enter a number: ")) isPrime = True if Type == "2": print("This is a prime number.") isPrime = True else: for i in range(2, int(Type)): if (Type % i) == 0: print(str(Type) + " Is Composite!!") #print(i) isPrime = False break if isPrime != False: print(str(Type) + " Is Prime!!") while True: Q = input( "Do U Want me, NCOE To Figure Out If A Number Is Prime Or Composite? (Enter Y Or N) " ) if Q == "Y": PrimeNumbers() if Q == "N": break def KOMI(): def Miles(): mi = float(input("Enter the value in Miles: ")) ratio = 1.6 km = mi / ratio print("The entered value in Kilometers: ", mi) def Kilo(): km = float(input("Enter the value in kilometers: ")) ratio = 1.6 mi = km / ratio print("The entered value in Miles: ", mi) while True: End = input( "Do you want miles to kilo or kilo to miles?(K,M and V(V is for exit))" ) if End == "M": Miles() if End == "K": Kilo() if End == "V": break def TEP(): def Temp(): temp = int(input("What is the temperature?")) if temp > 70: print("Wear Shorts") else: print("Wear long Pants") print("Get some Excersise Outside") while True: Help = ("Im T the Weather Robot,Would you like some help?") if Help == "yes": Temp() if Help == "no": break while True: print("Welcome to the Project Picker,I am Matrix the AI") Pick = input("To use the Calendar Project Press C,For the Multiply Project Press M,For the prime and composite Press P,For the kilo2miles Press K,for the temp project press R,and if you want to quit pressX C,M,P,K,R,X ") if Pick == "C": MthNYr() if Pick == "M": MtplyX() if Pick == "P": PNC() if Pick == "X": break if Pick == "K": KOMI() if Pick == "N": TEP()