#No win system. You know when you win


words=["apple","explain","already","steward","deputy","healthy","satisfaction","ballot","reptile","resort"] from random import randint number=randint(0,len(words)-1) wordcreator=words[number] def splitt(word): return[char for char in word] wrong=[] correct=[] isit=False c=0 r=0 length=len(wordcreator) for q in range (0, length,1): correct.append("*") for e in range(0,11, 1): entry=input("Enter a letter: ") r=0 isit=False for w in range (0,length,1): #print(wordcreator[r]) if entry==wordcreator[r]: correct[r]=entry isit=True #r=r+1 #26 and 27 has problem if r==length-1: #print("The value of r is...", r) if isit==False: wrong.append(entry) #if "*"!=correct[r]: #print("You Won!!!!") #break r=r+1 c=c+1 print("Your incorrect letters are: ",wrong) print("You correct letters are: ",correct) print("You have guessed",c,"letters. You have",11-c,"guesses left") if e==10: print("You lost") print("The word was",wordcreator) #Entry():
Ej Jan 18